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Making it happen

Most companies have the potential to perform at another and higher level than they do today. But making the transition from good to great requires more than hard work and perseverance.

We have worked with strategy, transformation, and execution throughout our careers. From both sides of the table, across a large range of industries, creating results through people with widely varying backgrounds in companies operating around the globe.

In our experience, one of the most overlooked performance levers is building a robust and two-way bridge between strategy and execution. Many times we’ve seen new strategies being executed through old structures, practices, and capabilities. Even more often we see existing mindsets preventing fresh strategies from emerging and flourishing. Hence, at the front end of every strategy process you need to unlearn the orthodoxies of the established business, and at the back end you need to calibrate your organization and operating model to execute effectively on your new priorities.

Strategy Office was founded on these simple but fundamental insights. Adopted effectively, they can literally mean the difference between thriving and just surviving.

Rasmus Groenning Hansen

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Johan Rosengreen Kringel

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Mette Rosenkrands Johansen

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Daniel Snedker

Senior Consultant
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Kristina Beckendorf

Associated Partner
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Our values & beliefs

  • Humble attitude toward the unique history and situation of each company and executive team.
  • Respect for the daily business and operations.
  • Goal driven approach to collaboration.
  • Trust is earned through productive interaction and high quality work.
  • The right questions precede the right answers.
  • Open and honest communication with the management team and staff.
  • Co-creation leverages both sides’ knowledge and creates commitment and ownership.
  • Performance impact is our measure of success.

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