How we work

Accountable for results – through long term, broad based, and target driven collaboration

Collaborating with Strategy Office

We might start with a specific project to get to know each other. If you find our work and approach as valuable as our current clients, our collaboration will probably expand into a broader and longer term engagement. In turn this will allow us to get to know the dynamics of your industry and the anatomy of your business well enough to base part of our fee on your business performance. We consider full alignment of incentives our ideal state of collaboration.

We will deliver our work through a flexible, service based model that allows you to scale our involvement up and down, and gain access to different skill sets as needed along the way. And you only pay for what you need. A long term commitment combined with flexible resource deployment allows us to create value, build trust and develop a true partnership - as your strategic advisor, consultant, analyst, and program manager, and typically in a combination of these roles.

Engagement model

Performance improvements can only be sustained by embedding new strategy, structures, processes
and practices deeply into the organizational fabric and executive mindset. In our experience this is best achieved by:

Working in waves

Focus on a few issues at a time in successive waves, starting with strategy and major strategic choices. This approach helps ensure a balanced pull on organizational resources and allows continued focus on daily operations.

Working in parallel tracks

Work in parallel with solution development and deployment tracks to get rapidly into execution mode and deliver results at regular intervals. This approach also helps ensure a gradual and managed change of organizational structures, processes and routines that can be absorbed by your organization.

Working to a rhytm

Set a consistent and sustainable pace of work and rhythm of transformation. One off big bang projects tend to fall short of their objectives because they are not designed to change the underlying mindset and institutionalize new behaviors in the organization. Our approach helps ingrain the mindset change and institutionalize new practices regularly over longer periods of time.

Working & Learning

Maintain room to learn, change course, calibrate approach and adjust speed. External and internal conditions change in the course of 18-24 months, and new lessons are learned as the rubber meets the road. Keeping an open mind and flexible process is key to update assumptions, change approach and re-prioritize initiatives.

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