A singular focus

We work alongside CEO's and Executive Teams in midsized companies to raise competitiveness and performance – serving as their strategy and execution office

What We Do

Value is created when good strategy hits the ground through effective execution. We bring Fortune 500 level strategy capabilities, transformation practices, and execution management experience into your organization.

In close cooperation we facilitate and guide your "strategy work" throughout the year. From running your strategy process and defining corporate priorities to optimizing organizational structures and orchestrating change. From designing decision processes, facilitating workshops and producing quality presentations to developing business cases, and top notch board material.

We're your expert team, committed to help you build and run an infrastructure for high performance and value realization.

Our areas of Expertise

Setting Strategy

  • Establish and maintain a clear direction of where we’re going – why, how and when?
  • Answer the most pressing strategic questions and issues
  • Define the overriding change priorities, e.g. a transformation agenda
  • Align the company Operating Model for profitable growth
  • Translate strategic choices and priorities into specific initiatives
  • Identify and allocate the required capital, capacity and competences to execute

Orchestrating Change

  • Unite the organization around a clear and compelling aspiration and roadmap – and keep it present and relevant
  • Involve and engage a broader part of the organization in the operationalization of strategy
  • Identify and address capability and behavioral gaps
  • Connect strategy and performance through ongoing support and relevant motivational practices
  • Establish a clear governance around all key decisions

Managing Execution

  • Track strategic initiative progress and value realization, and drive course correction
  • Review strategy and business performance continually
  • Re-prioritize and adjust priorities and initiatives against changing conditions
  • Provide project support and management where/as relevant to enable initiative execution
  • Ensure appropriate visibility and communication to all main stakeholders, incl. Board

Client outcome

Executive time & focus

Free up executive time to focus on leading the business, developing people, building customer relations, evaluating and taking critical decisions and managing your stakeholders.

Improved strategic decisions

Enable more effective, data driven, and transparent strategic decision-making. And reap the benefits of clearer communication and enhanced organizational buy-in.


Ensure that strategies, plans, and projects are deployed and executed effectively, and that results are consistently tracked. Make sure that what is decided actually gets done.


Take advantage of ‘the outsider perspective' on an ongoing basis to challenge your assumptions and uncover blind spots. Get access to best practices, ideas, sparring, and highly qualified advice.


Enhance and align the strategy, execution and leadership capabilities in your management team, and institutionalize effective frameworks and ways of working.


Scale our involvement up and down as the situation and workload changes. Sidestep the fixed cost of an internal function and the high cost of traditional management consultants.

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